~... Lone Wolf Kai...~
Nov 28, 2011
Wii Online Code
Heya fellow old and new Wii chat members.. Kai here! :p

Whoa it's been a while since I last hopped on this. XD I remember the good old days some of us would be on Smash Bros Brawl daily for HOURS brawling and ranting bout random stuff! I wonder if some of you are still around here
(I recall some names but I doubt anyone knows me as I preffered to stay in the background >< lol) Or anyone new who's willing to get a group together for Smash Bros Ultimate. ^^ I've tried several other boards but don't really get the warm feeling as I had here with the bunch on Brawl.

*starts dusting* man my profile is a mess but it's hilarious to read the old stuff again XD

Anyway will add my NS FC on my profile, just hit me up if you wanna play sometime~ Kai out! :3