Faulty Wii? Hardware issues?

Modding your Wii could cause that...

So yeah, don't modify your Wii.

Sorry, should have said soft modded using Mod Mii. It hasn't been apart yet. I'm wondering if the laser jumped off its guide bars or something since they are breaking in a straight line :(
Hello all fellow Wii gamers. I have owned a Wii for several years now, and have gotten some good hard gaming from it. One day it all of a sudden displayed the "Cannot read disc" error message. The disc was clean, but i cleaned it anyway. I put the game back in and the wii started humming and the message kept popping back up. I tried ALL the games in my inventory and they all came up with the same message. I looked up all kinds of solutions, and none have worked. I don't know if its bricked or if it's just being stubborn.
Please help!

Sounds like its broke, on the plus side Wiis are dirt cheap these days and theres no shortage of them
Hello, my nintendo friends :) Sorry for my sketchy english. My Wii is starting to have a problem - it doesn't wanna suck in discs! When I'm putting in a DVD, I can hear Wii making noises like it's trying to suck in, but it just can't do it.

So - can I help it somehow, clean it off or whatever? :(
So does anyone else's Netflix run incredibly slow on through their Wii U? It is almost unusable. Everything else runs perfectly fine.

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Hi can anyone help me. I just bought a wii from a friend and it is powering up but just going to a black screen and the following words...

Can anyone help me?
That would be some "Homebrew" nonsense, some not-so-legal stuff your friend put on that Wii. If your friend actually knew what they were doing, it can all be uninstalled with no harm to the Wii and you can use it normally. If not... he can probably give you a SD card and instruction on how to use your Wii with these modifications. There're no legal ramifications, after all. Nintendo will just refuse to repair your Wii... which ain't a big concern since third parties will happily do a fine repair job, at reputable stores.

If your friend can't help you, try using the buttons on your Wii (remote) to navigate through that "menu". A Gamecube controller or Classic Controller Pro may yield a reaction if a Wii Remote does not (with or without Nunchuck, try both controller combinations if possible). Borrow these from your friend if he has them. I wouldn't recommend attempting that until your friend tries to help you himself, might bugger your Wii even further.
If you're having issues with the Wii hardware and/or Wii controllers, please use this thread for reporting issues and fixes.

WII remotes sync but the hand does not appear on screen. I can use the + and - to move from page to page and back but that's it. Any ideas?
Sensor bar issues, you might be to close, it has a calibration in the settings menu