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Mar 27, 2009
Chicago, Illinois
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I loved Oreo O's until they stopped making them.... then I moved on to that Eggo Cereal. I wonder if they still make it.... Now adays its all about the Honey Nut Cheerios and Lucky Charms.

How about you guys?
When spiderman1 came out he had a limited edition cereal witch was the best i came across it with my grandma & she bought 12 boxes i still remember That Was the best!! now its just honey bunches of oats Y_Y
I like Captain Crunch! The best captain I know with a crew of cereal.:lol:
For me by far Nesquik cereal, I don't eat it a lot though since its probably one of the sugariest ceareal brands that you'll come across at the super market.
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I've never heard of most of these cereals before, probably because most of them are American. Are there still Sugar-o's?
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I like Lucky Charms because they are magically delicious.

-Why do I know most of these cereal slogans :eek:ut:

Because the government is trying to control little kids mind by using a slogan in commercials .:lol: And you GC, are one of them.:D

I'm just kidding.:lol:

I like Recess Puff cereal.*drool* :lol: