Favorite Wii Game


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Feb 23, 2009
Even at my age, I'm still playing video games.

I recently am playing Super Smash Bros Brawl but I still enjoy playing the simplest games, like the tennis game that comes with the Wii.

What yours?
MarioKart Wii is blast online. My wife bought me Family Game Night for Christmas and we play it for hours. All the games on it are great and the animation of Mr Potato Head is so funny it never gets old.
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For us, it's Mario Kart and Endless Ocean. We rented Animal Crossing City Folk and loved it, so we will be buying it in the near future and it will be up there with our favorites as well.
No More Heroes, Super Mario Galaxy and Mario Kart have all been my favourites so far.
Brawl, and I fell in love with the GH: WT Drum set =D

And Bomberman is so classic and still so much fun.