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A li'l bit different
May 17, 2006
Cornwall, UK
Wii Online Code
I was wondering, I have recently downloaded (freeware) Feedreader 3.05, and was wondering if there were any plans to put any kind of feed into either the news/any sections to allow us to get the newsest information at the ealiest? I realise that there are other dedicated news sites out there, however, I feel that the news sites don't always catch all the news available, and you generally have to sign up with multiple sites to get all of the info.

So in short, will there be a feed available on the forums?
there already is. there is an rss feed, thats how i see all the posts. if you use mozilla, in the adress bar there is an orange icon and click on that to add it to your bookmarks bar. you click on that and you get the feeds.