Few Future Problems


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May 22, 2006
New Future Problems

One of them is the HD-TV support. HD TV is now getting extremely popular. My friend just bought a Sony HD TV. I might buy one now because they are getting cheaper and they are very good. HD TV is growing to be very popular and the Wii doesn't support it. Only a few of the gamers know of the Wii with out HD TV support because they are active online and on these forums. More and more people are getting HD TV.

Sensor and small TVs. Some of us have small rooms and along with these small rooms are small tvs. Common tv size for a bed room is 12x12 or so. How will the controller sensor work with that and pointing at a small TV screen size.

Iwata, made it clear about breaking the wall down between gamers and non-gamers. He stated this point 4 times in his speech. From his speech, he stated that Nintendo will accomplish this by producing hard games and easy games. If you look at LOZ and Reed Steel, they both seem like hard games that would take a lot of practice to get at. But Wii sports are a good game for people starting out with the controller. This idea for gaming will bring their console to the top.

Red Steel from the E3 show will not be rated M. Clearly it showed no blood. I am not picky on this at all and I do not care about the rating as long as it is a good game, but in my opinion, blood and the rated M is needed in this form of a game. It is a street game and most street games need that rated M abilities to be considered a good game.

Processing power, as I stated before. Great games need processing power. If Nintendo is going to have good lengthy games with good graphics their console needs the ability to handle this. If Nintendo runs a processing unit a little better than the Xbox, that can not be. Xbox just handle what the games brought with the simple controller it had. With Nintendo's added stuff, a processor that is a little stronger then the Xbox would not do at all. Iwata, stated the game will take very few seconds to load, which means they need a good processor that can handle all the game play and innovative controller plus the power of online.

Online play, If they run online play wireless that is not good. More people have direct connecting modems instead of routers. Having to need wireless ability, means people have to go out and spend even more money on a wireless router. They should have the ability of Enternet cord plug in.

The mock up controllers. We all seen them, are they real? Is Nintendo going to allow this function to prevail and if so, why didn't present it at E3. Telling the world that the controller is also customizable would of smashed sony and microsoft into bits.
HDTV is nice, true, but not at the extra expense for Nintendo. Plain and simply the Wii is not about bleeding edge graphics and super high resolution, it is for playing fun, innovative games. :)

Small Tv's will be fine, the sensor bar will not change and that is what records your movement of the wiimote. I believe it will be easily callibrated so nobody should have trouble getting it set to work correctly.

A good game does not need blood, nor an M rating. A good game just needs to be, well, a good game. Any Mario title is a good game, no?

Processing power is fine. The developers can work with what is availble easily, and you will see a plethora of fantastic titles. If you want top of the range graphics, get a PS3 or XBox 360. If you want a fun system, get a Wii. :)

I believe it has been discussed on these forums that you will be able to connect to the net using USB Ethernet.

And finally, we don't know if those mock up controllers are real until Nintendo announces it. I'm sure if they were legitimate and final we would indeed have seen them at E3.

If I recall correctly, it supports 16:9 480p, though not anything higher in terms of resolution. It should work on any HDTV, just with aliasing.

The games will of course have varying difficulties; Legend of Zelda will of course be one of the harder ones while Nintendo Sports and Wario Ware will be the easier varieties.

As for the controller-using-processor, it is no problem. The controller is similar in regards to the early lightgun from the NES system, and thus it won't take that much power to use. It acts like a mouse, anyways.

Great games? We're not talking about Xbox 360 or PS3 graphics here; we're talking about just a small notch above the current generation with graphics. For me, at least, that's not what's important. The processor will do fine for what Nintendo intends to do.

By the way, what are these mock up controllers you speak of? I've only seen the nunchuck add-on (though required for some games), the gun cradle add-on and the Classic Controller (the one with the two joysticks). Post a link, if you could, of these mock up controllers? :)
This is the one being mentioned I think.

Another reason Nintendo left HD graphics out of there console is because most people dont have HD TV. The world is only in transition to HD right now. Sure it would be great for those with HD but what about the majority who dont.

I'm not sure if the numbers are correct but in the US its about 20% or less of the population has HD TV, not a very large amount. Japan I heard is about the same. Not sure about the UK or Australia.
Supporting HD would have driven up the cost of the console, and a lot of people don't have it yet (the transition will probably take a few years at least, well into the Wii's lifespan). If the Wii did support HD, a lot of people would be paying extra for the ability to use it on something they don't have.

The point about the Wii is that it doesn't really need ultra-realistic graphics and huge processing power- that's for Sony and Microsoft to fight about.
The mock controllers you speak of are not, in anyway shape or form, real.
The picture u see is a photoshop done by the wii team over at ign just for kicks, they never even claimed it was real, they said outright they made it.

A console doesn't need processing power of graphics to make good games. Nowdays it takes a half decent gamer less then half a day to finsh most of the new games. I have a friend that borrowed perfect dark zero for the 360. He came inches from returning the game the day after he borrowed it (he would of suceeded if he hadn't gotten his amp back). Now consider that he is in school, thats like 8 hours of playing from when he got home. Now compare 8 hours to the 25+ minimun for the story part of pokemon ruby. I think you can see where this is going. To make good games that last you need good gamplay, not a good processor. I still play Smash Brothers for the 64.
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Does the controller have a gyroscopic sensor in it or does it sense via the TV like the gun in duck hunt, or both? If the latter, that creates a problem for me as I use an LCD projector and for example the gun from the original Nintendo only worked with CRT TVs (maybe it works with plasmas, LCDs, etc. but it wouldn't work with a projector because the light needs to come from the display to the gun and with a projector the light is behind you and can't shine at the gun.
it is a combination of gyroscopic and infrared, there is a sensor bar that must be placed by the screen (above or below, not sure which) that intercepts the infrared signal

infrared is how pointing will happen, the gyroscope is how things like wario ware and driving will work since the end of the wiimote will not be pointed towards the screen
That controller is a fake made by IGN as someone else said. IGN also made a gun like controller which actually is a lot like Nintendo's.

I don't have any problem with no HDTV, I don't know one person who has it at this time, I only know a few with widescreen TV's. HD is going to be years off before everyone has it, I would say 2011 at least.

I heard that the Wii can be used by USB adapter, I think that it should be able to be used via USB Dial-up somehow. Where I live there is no Broadband, and Ive been told that as of now their wont be for a couple of years.

Red Steel not having blood is fine with me, as long as it is a good game. I do realize that it would help with the marketing to kids, but most hard-core gamers don't really care. Its not the hard-core that are going to say ooo its kiddy or its not mature enough, its the kids (Not you guys of course) that play GTA and spend hours just wiping out people in the streets (I have done this before actually).

On difficulty I think almost all current games are too easy. We recently played some old SNES titles the other day and got our asses handed to us by Lion King, Super Star Wars, and a few others.