Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings


Sep 6, 2006
Final Fantasy XII: Revanant Wings has been announced for the Nintendo DS, however exact details at the moment are scarce!! goes to IGN-----
September 13, 2006 - The last time Square Enix uttered the words Final Fantasy and "sequel," we got Final Fantasy X-2 for the PS2. This time, DS owners get the fun all to themselves as a Final Fantasy XII follow-up makes its way to the Nintendo portable.

Following double platinum sales in Japan (and just prior to its US release) Square Enix has announced a Final Fantasy XII Revenant Wings for the DS. This title puts players in the role of FFXII's main character Vaan in a story about air pirates. Vaan's chick, Panello, also makes an appearance as a character whom Vaan works to protect.

Aside from these rough details, little is known about the game. Vaan and Panello look young in comparison to their FFXII counterparts, suggesting that the story takes place years prior to the events of the PS2 epic.

We expect more details to surface as the Tokyo Game Show rolls around next week

However, IGN states that the game will be a prequel, as they look younger, however, Grivenger from seems to have new information -----Credit goes to Grivenger, from forums, and also to Kouli for translation, at gameFAQS------
-Takes place after FFXII
- About Vaan and Penelo's adventures
- Character designer doesn't look like Yoshida (based on pics)
- It's a sequel, after the end of FFXII, centered around Vaan and Penelo
- Character Design is probably NOT by Yoshida and it's for the DS

Shame I dont have a DS!! I dont even have FFXII yet, and there is not even a release date for FFXII over here in the UK yet, so...Im not gonna worry about this game at the moment!!

Just wanted to let you guys all now :) Im new, but I will try!

EDIT: Its been 4 days now...obviosly nobody cares about this game :p
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