Fire Emblem

Moose said:
I said "Also" in the sense that i was adding on.

Of course they'll Hype Galaxy because it's a game they made. Even though they really don't need to because there's already such a big fan base behind mario.

They would do the exact same for Zelda. They could release a CD with the Link farting into a Tuba, and people would still buy it. seeing if Nintendo would hype that is another story..but you catch my drift?

For me, All nintendo could have done with Smash is give me a release date, and i would get it hands down. I love the series and i will continue to buy it up until the point they stop making it (or if more bad characters like pichu are added again). No hype necessary for me.

Agree, I don't need hype either really.
Some cases it ruins the experience for me.
CantGetAWii said:
The main reason they are not really showing it off I think is because its not made by Nintendo directly. They put the focus on their games.

I agree though, this game looks great and its a shame its not out there more.
Its a must have in my books.
I agree. There are some games, even though they are classics, which seem to be overlooked. I am sure that they will receive their turn in the spot-light once the release dates are announced.