Fixing a Rock Band Mic


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May 20, 2009
After having Rock Band for approximately 24 hours our puppy destroyed the microphone. He was running by, got the cord tangled around his leg and kept going. It yanked the cord and pulled the Wii onto the ground. Fortunately, the Wii is OK, but the Mic is trashed.

In looking at the Mic it looks like the only thing that got damaged was the cord separated from the little black cover on the cord. When I opened up the cover there's a small board that the top part of the cord was soldered to. The bottom half of the cord has two wires, black and white that are still soldered good. However, the other end of the cord has 5 wires that went to 5 spots on this little board. I'm wondering if anyone has experienced a similar problem and was able to solder it back together. In fact, I know I can re-solder it, but the question is what wire goes where. There is no way of telling by looking at the wire or the board.

I tried doing a search online and haven't found anything. So I'm hoping someone on here might be able to help. Thanks!
You can re-solder it, just make sure to not short out another part of the board. Sorry, I don't have one, so I can't take a pic of where the wires go though...
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Here's a pic of the board...


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Here's a pic of the connection:

It goes: black, white, green, larger black wire, red.
Hope this helps.

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