For anyone who has the new issue of Nintendo Power


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Oct 15, 2006
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If you have the new issue of Nintendo power, can you do me a little favor? Can you tell me what it says about Mlb 2k8?? I read it has info on it and i dont have a subscription. But all i know is that it said theres no minor league teams which the other version has.. So please, if you have it, can you tell me what it says?.. any online play??

i was wondering that too, i am also looking forward to a baseball game on wii. i think nic7 might have it but i am not sure.
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on 2ksports. somone said he read it and just said it had pictures in the magazine and he said it looked terrible and he said it wont have minor league teams like the other versions.. thats all he said..if anyone has the issue, please help!
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anyone??? somone on 2k forum had the magazine and told me some stuff. but he didnt mention anything about online play.... if anyone has the magazine, does it say anything about online play?? i cant find any info on that.
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no. next month
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no idea... sorry..