Game Ideas For Wii??


Old Lady Noob
Nov 8, 2007
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I have an idea that has been rolling around in my head for a few weeks . . . a ROLLER DERBY GAME! C'mon, derby is sweeping the nation (I used to play it myself in Michigan).

For those of you who don't know, it ain't just about hot chicks in miniskirts beating each other up, it is an actual sport with rules and everything! Each team has 5 players on the track: 4 blockers and 1 jammer. The jammer tries to break thru the pack in order to score points, while the blockers try to keep the opposing jammer from doing the exact same thing.

It would be a 1-4 player game. Single player would have to be a jammer playing against the computer. Two players could either be jammers racing against each other, or one could be blocker and the other jammer. This could be opposing OR co-op play. 3 or 4 players would work the same way as 2-player, just with more people!

The Wii controls could be used in several ways. You could either move your player using the nunchuck joystick, or you could pump your arms to go faster (Mario/Sonic Olympics style). Blocking could be made by moving the remote/nunchuck to one side or the other, just like in the boxing games. In fact, blockers should have to pump their arms too, in order to stay ahead of the opposing jammer. Co-op blockers should try to take out opposing blockers in order to make a hole for their own jammer to slip through and score points.

As in real-life roller derby games, occasionally tempers flare and fights break out on the rink, so players could use the controllers boxing-style for that too. Between game periods, teams often have to spin the "penalty wheel" and perform some kind of challenge, i.e. pillow fights, dance-off, etc., which would be very easy to incorporate with the Wii controls. Heck, you could even use the remote to spin the wheel!

Of course this MUST be produced by Rockstar Games, cuz they know how to keep it sexy and violent!

I think this has potential!! Anyone? Anyone?


Raging Clue
Sep 19, 2007
Any game that has 1-to-1 sword fighting, and preferably a dueling option - with added de-limbifying action.
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