games (or gmaes according to Bleh :P ) you would LOVE to see on the Wii


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Jun 26, 2006
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In response to the thread about games we DONT wanna see on the Wii, it seemed only fitting to start one about games we wish we could see on this console (unless another thread has already been started, if so, sorry mr thread starter) :)

For starters, I wish something really fun with an insane multiplayer like UT2007 would come to the Wii. Not only is it a mature title but with the Wii's online capabilities you could have some insane deathmatches- blasting each other from futuristic tanks and aircraft and whatnot... unfortunately that one goes to PS3 :(

Howabout some just plain fun ol' platformers? I really miss games like Jazz Jackrabbit, it had such awesome gameplay and was just so much fun! altho its story was quite typical of the day lol it was still awesome fun...

thats another thing we need, more GOOD titles, not stupid second rate movie knockoffs, sonic or pixar games. I cant help but wonder who actually plays those games.

Sorry I kind of ranted off here but yeah... more good ideas for titles anyone?
Geist 2, some form of Phantasy Star, Monster Hunter, Cubivore 2, Halo (yeah, i know its a long shot), Soul Caliber IV, LostMagic 2
yeah, we definitaly want more RPG's this time!
and more mulitplayers.
I would like to see:
Banjo kazooi 3 (what happened to the series?)
Final fantasy
timesplitters 4 (a seperate series, i loved that franchise)
Oooh my turn! I defintly want to see Sonic :D and i want to see like a new Donkey Kong game like DK 64 or what ever it was called :)
Diomedes, about the Timesplitters, i read somewhere that the company who makes the timesplitters series say that they dont want to make games for the wii or the feel uneasy about it and that they wanna focus on psqueer and sexbox. (sorry for the xbox and ps fans :) ) But those games i would like to see would be:
Some sort of Guildwars
Halflife 3 (i duno, something crazy)
NBA Live 07
Some sort of Star Fox
Some sort of Donkey Kong
Kingdom Hearts (best game ever)
Maybe a Final fantasy with kingdom hearts type gameplay as in their is no turn based moves
Red Steel 2 (yeah i no, havnt even played first one but the idea of a second one just makes my mind go crazy)
you're right about kingdom hearts, it was one of the best games (its storyline was so touching)
they should include a kingdom hearts or kingdom hearts style game on the wii
top spin (poor game, but should be good with controller)
Pro Evolution Soccer (like to see how that game plays on wii)
final fantasy (proper one)
new mario kart game
new game like goldeneye/or remake
Oblivion (that game would be phenomenal on wii for the sword fighting)

Hey, inresponse to someone before asking about a banjo kazzoie 3. i don't think we will see it on the wii coz i remember a while ago rare (makers of banjo kazzoie) were bought by microsoft, so i'm don't know! BUT, i think the donkey kong series is by rare and a new donkey kong game has been rumoured so hopefully we will see a new banjo kazzoie.

Personally, i can't wait for the new mario kart!
Mario Kart
Donkey Kong
Pokemon Stadium 4 (not like that colloseum crap just normal pokemon stadium,and yes i know i'm odd)
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I forgot to mention before, but a new F-Zero game! I loved F-Zero GX, F-Zero X and F-Zero on SNES, not to mention GP Legend on GBA :D I only hope they get Sega and Amusement Vision back to do it cuz they did a friggin good job on the GameCube game, I still play it!
Kid Icarus (rumoured)
Donkey Kong (this is confirmed anyway)
Star Fox (make it like Lylat Wars not like Assault- bleh)
Another Zelda game
A MM0RPG (like Runescape but without the 'noob' calling idiots)
A N64 controller shell (yeah I know it isn't a game but I would prefer to use one of these instead of the classic controller for N64 games)
Luigi's Mansion (would work so well with the Wii-mote and Nunchuk)
Pro Evolution Soccer

Can't think of anymore.