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Jul 3, 2006
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Yes, goldeneye the jewel of the N64. A game that still shines bright in our generation. A game that revoulitned the shooter industry and and making it a houselhold name. I am sure none of you can forget the fun that came with this game. The awesome four-person split screeen mode and of course the abudance of cheats that were there.

I still get chills remeber the fun I had with it. Sadly though the James Bond Franchise failed after this. I am a big fan of Goldeneye and some bond games but soon the games just started to get similar. Every James bond game was the same, there was no new concept to bring to it, and it is now a dying franchise.

When I buy the Wii I will definely download this game. Even as I went over a friends house and play it, it still is great. The first person view that blew my mind when I was young, It is just something I can never forget but lets have your opinion to you agree with me, or do you think that Goldeneye was just another average game?
you cant rare dont own the lisence and nintendo dont own rare
Yeah I loved that game and Stu thats not the wii controler ;) its the Revo controller look