Green Noches=Rank?


May 15, 2007
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Probably a newb question, so I dont know why I am asking. But wha the hell, I'bored. How do you gain those green noches, which I am assuming are rank. I'm going to take a stab here and assume its like other forums and is a combination of hours logged, posts, page views, and reads. Am I close?
Incorrect :] the green mushroom
under everyones Name and details etc.. gives reputation points, every 25 points mean a new block :] don't abuse it.
Your User CP tells you your rep...when you get some....check it now....
It is called reputation.

It is as the name states, its like your reputation on this site.

If people like you or find your post/thread helpful they might click that green mushroom and give you reputation points.

For every 25 reputation points you have have, you receive a new block.

The more blocks, the more rep points you give out.

So someone who has 1 rep block might only give you 1 rep point but if i gave you rep you would receive 4 because i have 4 blocks.

You used to be able to Give negative rep which removes some reputation points from a person but that feature got remvoed due to people abusing it and giving neg rep leaving the message 'ur gay' and such. Now only MOD's and brawny can neg rep.

You have to wait a while before giving repuatation to the same person again.

Sometimes the rep system can be abused so please be carefull and use properly:)

To check who has recently give you rep, click on your user cp and scroll down and it should say latest rep received.

[Hint] So if a post helps you out it deserves rep. [/Hint]
Glad to help:)

If you need anything else just PM me;)
Wii_BrEnDo2007 said:
i have 10 grey rep points ****

I stopped counting the amount of grey rep points i have been given. . .

Too many newbies love me:lol:
Cpt.McCloud said:
I stopped counting the amount of grey rep points i have been given. . .

Too many newbies love me:lol:
you ask for rep after you give a newbie a post, and they dont know any better such as whether it helped them or even when their question as already been answered,,