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thats not Anime its....PERVERTED ANIME
Squids and tentacle rape... The Legend of the Overfiend, it was alright.

I prefer robots raping squids!!!

Honestly though, as I've come to notice... Gundam 00 is very nice, well the first half anyways. The second half was not nearly as well written. Tieria in drag saves it though. YUM! Everyone loves T-chan in drag, EVERYONE!

I was also entertained by the first Gundam SEED as well(guilty pleasure). 00 is far better and the UC is so much better, your head would explode. I'm a Gundamnut!!

Code Geass is also nice. Heroic Age is another good Robo-ish show. Evangelion is the ultimate deconstruction, with Gurren Lagann being "Yang to it's Yin". Fafner is another good one... RahXephon, goood. Kurogane no Linebarrels, it's ok. Bokurano is brilliant.

I could go on and on!!

Anyways, T-chan and Stupid Sexy Lockon bring out the Bi in me so YES!!! 00 is great!
Exia's arm sword is nice too.
As I said. I'm gay for two of the main characters. As for robot action... Seriously, UC is where I get my robot action.

00 was alright. Honestly I just squshied my overall thoughts into my last post. The plot was solid, mechs were fairly nice and Tieria was sexy. Setsuna was boring, boring! Jihad-kun was very boring, my god that was offensive. It's just too bad the plot took a Geass-styled nose dive in it's second season.

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