Halo Wars


Jul 20, 2007
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Anybody get this game yet?

Definitely, the demo was reflective of the core game play. It's a really fun game and Ensemble definitely got the controls for an RTS correct. Still a little awquard to control but the best you'll ever get on a console RTS.

If anybody has the game and wants a match, just leave your gamer tag.
i got limited edition today. and now im selling my map pack on ebay. people are getting as high as £30 lol. worth it.

yeah its really good so far, not doen any skirmish yet
what? wow its pretty rare the UK gets a game before US, isnt it? we dont get it for another 3 days!
By the demo it's pretty damn solid, but I duno if there's enough variety for me to get. Armies are just too small (i get why they did it) and there's only 2 races to play. I wish you could also play as the flood. But from the demo it was fun as hell and the controls were really good.
Screenshots make it look like it's a lot RTS'y than it should be. There's never more than like, 20 units on screen, and the lack of a PC port just makes it seem lackluster all around.
its actually a very good rts, its designed for console, the problem with console rts games it they try to be like PC rts games, which they just cant, there too complex to get a good feel from a console. but this one is simple, not to ambitious, its hardly a Hardcore RTS but its the best on a console. if it had more units, higher population caps. and you could build where you wanted too it would make its self confusing and hard to follow. im glad its the way it is and im enjoying it extremely, and that comes from me a HALO hating console rts dispising gamer :). plaus 2v2 and 3v3 online is so fun ::) on side note yeah very wierd UK got it first expecially considerin its a US game.
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US gets it tomorrow right?

Should give a boost to the online population anyway.
Yea I was thinking on getting it, but I don't have much money left because I just bought a xbox live messenger pack today, along with socom so I can get a mic for my ps3 and on top of that I have been buying speaker wires and connections for my subwoofers on my car.

edit: oh yea and killzone 2 of course
well im not sure if ill get it yet or not. Maybe if they dont release the mythic map pack any other way ill have too get it.
Oh yea, I forgot it comes with Mythic Map Pack

only the speical edition comes with it. everyoen else will probably get it next week or so. i actually cancelled my pre-order after work yesterday and just bought resistance 2. i figured id have more fun with that one. i didnt feel like going to another midnight release last night anyways. i jsut went to kz2 and RE5 is in like 10 days.
Nah it wouldn't, because as a PC game Halo Wars is pathetic in comparison to other RTS games. It doesn't have enough depth for it to be successful.