hello all you good good people

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Jul 31, 2006
just a quick introduction about myself,

life long gamer. dont have a fav console im easy like any system that plays great games, a big multiplayer fan, i am absolutely loving what the wii is gonna bring

27 yr old, playing consoles since i was 7 yr old. played all of the majoy ones

hope to have alot of fun on here and find out more about this great console

Glad you found, welcome to the forums and have fun :)

btw love the stick animation in your sig :D
Nice to have another member, especially one that isn't console-biased. Nintendo is great, but it's good to have some variety, right?

You'll enjoy your stay without a doubt.:D
Yeah, i've got a gc and a PS2 and to tell you the truth, before I knew the wii was even existent I was planning on getting a PS3, but like you I saw what the wii was doing to the experience of gaming and was intrigued.(Plus it's sooo much cheaper).

O ya....WELCOME and like Nate said, u'll definitely have fun talking on these forums.

While u'r at it go ahead and check out the RPG thing wiichat's got going, it can be fun, frustrating but fun. Have the time of ur online life!

*EDIT*Love the sig:cool:.....*blushes*good good ppl....:lol:
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