hello everyone!!!!


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Dec 9, 2006
Got a wii months ago but finally taken it out of the box.....must say the wii sport and wii play are great for parties......love the wireless controllers...it's good nintendo is still staying faithful to the controler layout as i grew up with the famicom,nes,snes and the game and watch lcd games.

At this moment i'm totally addicted to re wii,but am looking forward to getting a car and football game.

Anyway i wish everyone well
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hi tijuana1 yup...just been too busy working and loads of things happening....making up for lost time though :)

hi mushroomedmario..nice to meet you ...cool i'll remember that ....:)
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mr person,gunsnroses - hi there, nice to meet you both.
tiuana1 - no need to be sorry...you were'nt rude at all.
WiiWouldLike2pPlay - hi there, no problem.

Out of all the forums i've been on ,by far you guys has made me feel most welcome...thanks for that, really appreciate it.
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hi XwiimasturX, well i was paid off my last job and won't start my next one for 4 weeks so i thought now that i have time , why not play with the wii.
actually.....im cool....more cooler than mushroomedmario.....he has been eating too much shrooms lately :lol:

welcome to wiichat...... im wario
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wario2000- hi there.....cooler than mushroomedmario...thought that was impossible...haha nice to meet you!!

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