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Z Unit

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Jul 13, 2006
Hey, I'm just a Steeler fan from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania who hasnt gotten a new video game for over a year so as to save as much money as possible for the Wii! :cool:

I'm hopin' to have enough money to have all the controllers I want, but it looks doubtful.....I mean, 4 Wiimotes, 4 Nunchuks, 4 classic controllers.....thats alot o' crap! :tard:

Anyway, glad to join the community! :D

Wii funds: $180 (lol, not enough yet. )
T.P. funds: $53.49
*Red Steel funds: $53.49
*Marvel Ultimate Alliance: $53.49
*COD3: $53.49
*Madden'07: $53.49
Wii Sports: $30 (not enough yet, noooooo)
Internet Connection fund: $42 (hey, im just gettin' the 50 dollar hookup, so I'm gettin' there.)
Wiimotes: $7 (WTF!? )
Virtual Console: $10 (eh, it's a start. )

*-reserved and fully paid off.

I'm not rich...I just got a job, and saved my $$$!
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