HELP ME OUT!!! Please.


Aug 6, 2006
Okay, I'm not rich, I might be below average, in wealth. But I have quite enough savings for the Wii. But I also want to get a DS for my around-time. I want to get a Black DS Lite, but at the most, I will only be able to afford 1 game between it, and my Wii. So does anyone have a suggestion of a single game, that would keep me amused for a LONG TIME, not like Brain Training, a game that is deep, probably have online play. I'm thinking Advance Wars, but I've never played one, but I LOVE RTS games. So help me out! Please! I might ask to get a DS, and just that and a game for Christmas, but I don't know.
Animal Crossing:Wild World is definitely long. Metroid Prime:Hunters has great online playing. Maybe Kirby:Canvas Curse would be good. Thats pretty much all the long games I own.:)
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I hate Animal Crossing with a passion, Metriod might give me hand cramps like it has others and FPSs arent that deep enough.(well that one atleast, you just shoot!?) I love online playing one, I think i will def. get advance wars but I hear you have to have quite a bit of time in order to play it. I might get 2 games then, Advance Wars, then a nice pick up and play but dosent get boring game.
Animal Crossing is only worth it if you intend to play it online. It gets fairly boring if you only play it on your own.
Metroid is very good, especially if you play against someone else and have mastered the controls.
Mario 64 may also be a good choice as they added like an extra 20 stars from the N64 version, hence making it longer.