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Dec 18, 2012
I am looking to buy mario galaxy 1-2 and 3 when it gets released But what I wanna know are they good games heard they are awsome And the big debate which is better galaxy 1 or galaxy 2 Please help me on adviceMany thanks in advance


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Jan 25, 2009
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"Three seems promising"... ? I don't believe there's even been a single bloody screenshot of it yet, none the less any description of the gameplay. :lol:

That aside, I'm with the notion of 1 > 2 (dem math skillz). 'Least when played in order of release. 2 was a good game in it's own right, but it didn't have the same feeling of 1. Obviously t'was less original, though I felt it was more than just a case of a reused engine grating on my nerves. SMG2 is to SMG1 just as how New Super Mario Bros. Wii 2 (NSMBW2) is to every other NSMB game: a re-released game with new levels and rather unimportant new game mechanics. 2 felt like it didn't receive the same developmental love from a Ninty A-team that 1 did.

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