Heroes 2 2moro! Wohoo!


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Nov 21, 2007
Aye guys, we here in australia are getting moh: heroes 2 2moro and just wondering if the servers are still full daily cuz im looking forward to lots of good matches.
I hope it gets delivered today :D

Got the message it was shipped yesterday so It should be possible :D:D IM PSYCHED!
oh yeah guys, the servers on average (when I get on, usually each night around 9:00 PM) have between 500 to 900 players, more than enough matches to keep you busy!!!!!! This game has hardly left my Wii since I got it a month ago, you guys are in for a treat heheh :)
I got it today :D:D

Been playin it all day long! There where only like 6 rooms at the most but thats because its early ! Not everyone has this game yet

Its really cool and addictive and the controls are amazing! Zapper plays pretty good as well but I do prefer the wiimote nunchuck combo.