So, when brawl is out........


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Nov 21, 2007
I was wondering......when brawl is out and the millions flock to the online and such, will MOH Heroes 2 still be highly populated online cuz we get it in 2 weeks over here in aus and i dont wanna buy it if its not gonna be populated for much longer......
Probably not, because everyone doesnt like SSBB. Alot of people like it, but its not like everyone finds SSBB fun. I personally don't like the Super Smash franchise and would be MoH:H2 over SSBB.
Trust me mate, buy Medal of Honour Heroes 2. Just think, everyone else in Australia (And PAL regions) will be buying this game cause of its great online gameplay. And brawl doesnt come out for...well we dont even have a confirmed release date. So if i was you i would buy Heroes 2 cause it will be massively popular when its released and still popular when brawl is released and in the future.