Hey all.


President of NO MA'AM
Sep 25, 2006
Central Coast, CA, USA
Wii Online Code
Name is Jason and I am 18. I live in California. I have been into video games since the Sega Geneses came out. I still have it and the things works perfect and it is almost as old as me. I can't say that about my first Xbox which broke maybe 4 or 6 months after I got it. My next console was the Playstation. I went for that instead of Nintendo. After the playstation I went for the Xbox. Now, after looking at all of this gens consoles, the Xbox has too few games I care about and even though the PS3 looks AMAZING the Wii has really turned my head with its originality. I can only afford one and have no made my mind up yet. Right now though, I am leaning towards the Wii. It just looks like a hell of a lot of fun.

Catch you all later.:ciappa: