Hey On Mario Kart Wii Which Mii OutFit


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Apr 10, 2009
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Hey on Mario Kart Wii which Mii OutFit A , B or C includes I think the MACH Bike?????
There's no Mii Outfit C, and both Outfit A and B can use the Mach Bike.
you pick a Mii of around middle height. they become middle-weight racers. any middle-weight racer can use the Mach Bike. both Mii Outfit A and B can use the Mach Bike.

don't even tell me i'm wrong. i do it all the time
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Ok Thanks... I just changed my Mii's Hieght
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There is no Mii Outfit C, and it depends on the size of your Mii. Eg. If your mii is tall... then your Mii won't have mach bike because it is only available to medium characters e.g. Mario, and Yoshi. Otherwise, if your mii is medium size, you will be able to use the mach bike. Also, the voice of your mii changes depending on size :)
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Ok. I saw on some Unlockable site that thier was a C but ok Thank you for the HELP I got it now. I have been pwning all day. Lets go (10008)