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Sep 6, 2006
Hey, my names Chris and I'm 16 years old, living in England.

I am here because as of late, I have been becoming more interested in the Nintendo Wii, especcialy considering that I have never owned a Nintendo Console before (well I have, N64 when I was younger - pokemon stadium only game AND Gamecube - FF:CC only game, but I no longer have these).

Anyway, I have been waiting for the release of PS3, but Sony have abandoned EU now and have postponed the release until March '07...I cant be bothred with that, or the price for that matter. I might end up getting a PS3 further down the line...but for now, change is in order (PS1, PS2, Wii).

There are already a couple games I would like (Zelda: Twighlight Princess [never played Zelda, tell me, is it as good as people say?], Excite Truck [the motion sensing looks fun!], and a couple others that I have seen.

So yea...I am a Nintendo n00b, but thats a good thing, right? Afterall, isn't that what the Wii is about? Attracting new customers? Innovating gameplay?

To be honest, I thought Gamecube was so-so (then again, I did only have 1 game), and over the internet you see things like "The Wii is a Gamecube-in-a-new-box", but to me...it looks to be a lot more involving...more fun! I like the idea of the Wiimote to!

So, Nintendo seems to be doing well attracting new customers, such as me...I cant wait to try it out :)

Anyway, sorry for rambling on...I am no good at shortening things down. What I really want to say is, well..."Hey!" :)
Hi Chris, welcome to the forums :)

Im sure you'll find all the Wii info and help you need here :D
Hey Chris, u have chosen the right path:D

Lol, I hope u learn everything about the Wii that u need. Oh, and have fun to:D
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Thanks for the welcome people :)

I_WANT_WII said:
Heeeeeeyyyy, nice talking to you on teh gabbly
Same goes to you too :) I like the gabbly!
Hey Chris, welcome to the forums. :)

Don't be put off by a few fanboy comments, the Wii is gonna be way more than just a Gamecube in a new box. Anyway, hope you enjoy! :D
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