High Voltage Working on Conduit Glitches


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Feb 7, 2007
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Those plagued with online problems take heart...

Staff at Nintendo Everything have contacted High Voltage Software to inquire about users reporting problems with the online play in the game and have been assured reported faults are being looked at in consultation with Nintendo:

“We have received a few emails from fans regarding multiplayer snags and I assure we’re working hard to fix those issues. It’s difficult to address “glitches” post-release, but we’re working closely with Nintendo to come up with potential solutions.”- Jaramiah Severns, Associate Producer

Nintendo Life readers have opened more than one thread discussing their issues in the forum, but it needs to be emphasised that connection problems experienced by users don't appear to be consistent. Hopefully the issues are server-related and can be rectified without having a firmware update from Nintendo.

heres the link http://wii.nintendolife.com/news/2009/07/high_voltage_working_on_conduit_glitches

I haven't noticed any online problems...so far anyway.
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Well hopefully they fix the glitches soon anyways.
this is why the wii needs DLC. they probably cant do much to fix them at this point. online play does seem better than the first week though - authorization takes a second.
I've noticed a few. People going to walls, people showing up in front of you momentarily then disappearing. Blips on your radar showing up and then disappearing based on the previous issue. That's all without the biggest where the game needs to be rebooted occasionally when it crashes right when you enter a match (the 1/4 cursor issue). The last one has happened where I've had to reboot my wii 2 or 3 times in a row to finally get into a game. Not cool.
What Skorp says is exactly correct. Don't get me wrong: the instances where people appear to warp through objects and radar delays are extremely annoying and unnecessary. However, at least you're actually playing when that happens.

The real problem occurs when trying to find matches. About a third of the time (for me, at least), I will enter a match only to see a black screen and 1/4 of my cursor. Sometimes, the game is generous and I can see a wall and am able to move my gun to the left and right sides of the screen. In both of these situations, your options are to either A) Wait until the match ends and enter the lobby or B) Reset your Wii and hope it doesn't happen the next time (it often does).

Sadly, this isn't the only issue. You know the "Join Friend" option? It's completely haphazard. I've been in the same room with a friend and tried to join his match, and while I can clearly see from his screen that the match has 3 free slots, my game tells me it's full. Not only that, but also I've clicked "Join" and been sent to a match that my friend wasn't even playing in. A completely different match.

I don't hate the Conduit- when I'm actually able to play a match, it's intense and a load of fun. But for a game that was delayed numerous times, problems such as these shouldn't exist. I hope High Voltage Software and Sega do all they can to resolve these issues efficiently and in a timely manner.

High Voltage's The Conduit is apparently vulnerable to hackers. This is the diagnosis of hetoan2 -- a hacker himself.

According to him, he discovered that "Everything is virtually unprotected" when he dumped the game's data and used a remote debugging program to open it up. "All values can be edited fairly easily, and there's no virtual sign of an attempt at hiding values, fixing bugs, or preventing online hackers."