First Conduit 2 Screens Indicate There Will Be Lots Of Explosions


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Feb 7, 2007
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Wii.nintendolife announced this for Conduit 2

A game of knifey-spoony goes horribly wrong

And a whole lot more new stuff for multiplayer

Hot off its Nintendo Power reveal come a few screenshots for High Voltage Software's upcoming Conduit 2. Not The Conduit 2, oddly enough, but judging from what's happening in these shots it's likely the definite article just blew up in the mayhem.
Apart from explosions, Conduit 2 plans on beefing things up all around, from a more distinct art direction to stronger level design in single-player as well as deeper 12-player online with "increased security" and new modes, not to mention 4-player local matches. Over at the SEGA America Blog, producer John Olson discussed some of the changes and new additions coming for the sequel's multiplayer:
New weapons, maps, and game modes are no-brainers – but we’ve additionally spent a lot of extra attention on making the experience more rewarding and nuanced for players. A class system is in place where you can set distinct weapon load-outs to include suit upgrades (perks). Weapon sets are a thing of the past. We’ve added a sprint button. Teammates can be revived. In addition to the level rank and ELO matchmaking systems, we have an additional currency system that lets you purchase upgrades, be they weapon and suit upgrades, or different armor pieces to customize your character’s look. [...] TC1 multiplayer was a lot fun – but a bit basic. We’re changing that with Conduit 2.
As long as that pesky wall spawn glitch is taken care of. Be sure to check out the SEGA Blog for more on Conduit 2


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Mar 21, 2007
The first game was rather average, so hopefully they can improve on things in the sequel.

The things that I found weak in The Conduit were:
Art Direction - the good tech did not disguise the dull level design and artwork.
ASE - the All Seeing Eye was a great idea (obviously inspired by Metroid Prime's scan visor) that gave more depth to the story, problem was that it was under used.
Buggy multiplayer - too many bugs plagued the multiplayer, there was only so many times that I could put up with being spawned in a wall.

Other than that I quite enjoyed the game even though it was very generic. The story wasn't too bad if you saw it through to the end and the game was quite fun. It just wasn't the best FPS on the Wii, which was what they claimed they were aiming for.