The Conduit 2 will feature offline/online Co-op modes


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Feb 7, 2007
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Sega's up to changing it up a bit with the sequel of The Conduit. The publisher has confirmed that they will be adding in a variety for the Co-op modes.

The original title had a pretty limited and simple gameplay. Thankfully, Sega has learned their lessons well and they're incorporating it in The Conduit 2. This time, they'll be adding in both offline and online Co-op mode via the Team Invasion Mode. Here, you can have up to four of your friends join in on the action and enjoy a more expansive multiplayer moder.

The Conduit 2 will be coming out exclusively for the Wii this Fall.

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im actually going to buy this game.

i wasnt into FPS when the first one came out...but i am now.
I'll probably get this game. The first was a solid FPS, didn't live up to ALL it's hype but it was still good.
lol. That looks just like the bunker level in the conduit 1.
Anyone else notice the health bar is different?