hint from Majora's Mask??


Jul 11, 2006
United States, New Jersey
i just recently started a new file in LoZ:MM.....and at the beginning right when you get the Ocarina of Time back it shows Zelda....and she says that she is hoping that one day....you will come back to Hyrule.....do you think this was a hint of another game....like Wind Waker....or something....(i never played Wind Waker.....just so you know)
Well, I don't think it's a hint for Wind Waker, because in WW, you are a different Link than the Link in the other games.
Maybe there will be like a Thrid game of the Ocarina Series (Ocarina of time, Majoras Mask, then the next one) but for the Wii :) but i doubt it i dont even think they thought of WindWaker back then