Horizontal or Vertical?


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Sep 25, 2007
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I'm pretty sure this has been made before, be unlikely it if wasn't

but I think we should take a poll

(It'd be really useful if this site had the creating polls option btw)

so. What way to do you play? Vertical or Horizontal?

(How is your wii setup)

Mine is Vertical

be really great if people updated the score everytime they posted :)
For Score, check the last post (and add to it)
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Its up and down
i dont know which wat that is im not goog in science
verticle, i used to have it horizontal.....but it looked sketchy
hmm i liked both

The horizontal one makes me feel like it's the old NES console xD

but yeah im using vertical right now
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Vertical: 9

Horizontal: 1

this whole score keeping thing will catch on evetually