How Cool R U?


Oct 11, 2009
Sesame Street
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Alright here's what you do:
1.Say something you did that you think is cool. You could have went to a special event, did something nice for someone else, bought something cool, beat someone in a game, made a sandwich etc.
Just say something you did that's cool.
It can be recent or happened a while ago.
2.The next person who posts then rates the person above them on a scale of 1 to 10, based on how cool they think the person's event was.
3.Then they talk about their cool event.

Here's my cool thing:
I recently bought Super Mario Galaxy 2. :papermario:
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a week ago i went with some friends to play laser dart tag.
AND WON! :papermario:

died in a match in cod mwr over 57 times by a guy name flybikes. trust me if you find this guy in the rooster in a match leave right away. he is impossible to kill. i think he was a hacker.

i played baseball with a few friends and won 4 to 2.
My team's name were the Raging Dragons.
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9.5/10 sweet.

played basketball with some friends.
got put on a sucky team and lost 16 to 54.
i scored 6 baskets. :papermario:

played mw2 online one time and won 15 search and destroy matches in a row and got a title for winning 15 seach and destroy matched in a row, and was kinda freaked out.