How Many Countries Have You Been Too?


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Jan 26, 2008
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Yet another completely unrelated thread from myself.

How many countries have you been to in your lifetime? I've been to:

England- All around. The golden shoreline of Cornwall to the green pastures of Northumberland.
Wales- Been to Cardiff, and, more recently, beautiful Pembrokeshire. Ah, Tenby...
Scotland- Briefly been to Edinburgh. Don' remember much, bar the fact it was raining.
France- Been to Normandy, Paris, Brittany and the Mediteranean Coast. Truth be told, I didn't like it a great deal...
Germany- Aachen is a great city. It was also the town from where you can be in three countries at once- the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Lovely city, too.
Netherlands- Stepped over the border once from Germany. Seemed nice enough. Had their national dish, chips with mayonnaise.
Belgium- Been to see the WW1 battles sites there. Boring, to be honest.
Spain- Been to Mayorca, an island province of Spain. It was nice enough, albeit isolated.
Unites States- Typically, went to New York. The closest thing to London I've ever found abroad, New York was similar- the climate, the language, even the shops and food. Although, I have to say London is just a little better, America seems nice enough.
Australia- Stayed for a short time in Melbourne. Jet lag, pizza and rain is really all I can remember.

I've had my fair share of travel.
I've been to the US a couple of times and that's about it.
Nowhere but the U. S. I really want to go see Australia sometime though- they have so many cool killer animals!
china, japan, taiwan, and canada.

just your typical asian american here.
Scotland (obv)-Gorgeous Scenery, jolly people etc.
England- Enjoyed the idea of London and the atmosphere. Some people not too nice tho :( (except the cabbies. They were a good laugh :) )
Northern Ireland- Same as Scotland
America- NY was awesome. Loved it. Same as Florida :)
Greece- People are funny, great food, mysterious place with alot of great history.
Spain- meh
Finland- went for a karate course so didnt get to do much. Was quite fun though.

New Zealand (birthplace)
Canada (current residence)
Norway (lived there three months)
South Africa
United States
Saudi Arabia
- Spain - Been there twice when I was little. Can't say I remember anything apart from Gordon the Gecko that lived in our friends apartment that we stayed in.
- France - Been there countless times. Paris is kinda boring, I do kinda like the little villages in the countryside though. Probably because it kinda looks like how I'd imagine the villages back home to look like when my grandmother was small.
- Germany - Been there twice, Cologne both times. Was a pretty place, wish we'd gone to a different place the second time mind. And nothing really stood out apart from the cathereral.
- USA - Been there four times, going out for the 5th in about a month. Stayed in Florida every time due to family living there. Family from Idaho, Sandiego and Oregon would come down to Florida and meet us there when we'd come out. Bloody love it out there. Had the time of my life last time I went with my aunty, now I get to take Jay out there and relive all that together. I really can't wait. My aunt has a place in Daytona Beach, I just love chilling around the place and going to all the non tourist restaurants and places.
- Egypt - Lovelovelove that place. Can't wait to go back later this year. Was bummed I didn't manage to see the pyramids and all that last time, but we are for sure this year so I can't wait. A really beautifull country though, awesome for diving/snorkeling which I did out there.
- Tunisia - Odly exactly how I imagined Egypt would be, and with more camels than I saw at Egypt. Would go back for there for sure, probably at a different part though.

So including the places we've stopped at on the way to other places (like drove through Belgium to get to Germany) I guess I've been to.. 7? countries.

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Wales - I live here.
England - Visited on many occasions. I've been to London, Birmingham, Bristol, Minehead, Gloucester, Torquay, Exeter, and Weston-Super-Mare.
France - I've gone on day trips to Paris and Calais.
Spain - One holiday to Calella (near Barcelona), three holidays to Majorca.
Cyprus - Been on holiday there once.

I've also been right next to the border (but not inside) of the unrecognised country of Northern Cyprus.
Napalm, you legend, I've been to Calella, last year actually:cool:
I've been to 2 countries:
US and Canada.

I may go to Mexico in the future but I'm pretty much too broke to go traveling the world.
You're James, right? If so I remember you mentioning it in the "Thinking" thread last year.

Me and my family went there for a week back in 1996. Unfortunately we didn't have much fun there.

Minus the es. And yeah, I've been again since then. I've been on a day trip there from Barcelona, and I've been there twice on a full week. I like it there.

Remember anything there?