HV Software jumps the xbox360/ps3 bandwagon


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Feb 4, 2009
Hello, some news in kotaku website report that High Voltage Software will license the Terminal Rality's Infernal Engine for future xbox360/ps3 development.
Aside from these news HV will continue to support the Wii, but they want to expand their business to other markets. I think is good, becose they will gain more developing experience without leave the Wii market and can apply these experiences to improve the Wii games.
For example, they would be the first developer to experimenting the Infernal Engine on a Wii game (remember, Infernal Engine offers Wii support too), aside the use of the Quantum3 engine or to improve this engine in the Wii development.
I completely sure that HV doesn't plan to leave the Wii in the future, with The Conduit hopefully surpass the million mark the first Two months of the next year and The Grinder will be a much better title than The Conduit, hopefully will sell better. They follow the steps of Factor5, who did a ps3 game and later they return to Wii development, with two franchises coming in the future.
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Hey, I don't see the surprise of anybody here in the forum!!

What happen?

Is doesn't matter for you that HV Software leave us in favor the xbox360/ps3 develpment?

What you think about?