I got 4 Wii games. :D


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Oct 1, 2006
New York
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Went to gamestop yesterday, and picked up the 4 Wii games out of the 5 I pre-ordered. (I couldn't get Zelda, since it's a release title.) But I did get Red Steel, Trauma Center, Rayman, and monkey ball. And naturally, what did I do? I made a movie. :D


Enjoy. :) btw, here is the link: http://youtube.com/watch?v=qd0BwFPh8As
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haha "I'm talking to myself! cus... i got ADD"
love it, i'm going to head to walmart to see if they're add was right saying that red steel is out yesterday
Ive been wanting to ask this of someone who has there hands on a wii game

.. Put a disk in your DVD drive on your computer and show us what type of files they are
thx for the hint on eb. Called them up, they had 1 copy of red steel left. Went by and picked it up.

Also, they had their demo set up with wii sports. they had excite truck :sick: but they didnt put it in yet. They were just setting it up as i walked in. I was pretty impressed

On the baseball one, we noticed that you dont have to move the remote to much to pitch. It seemed no matter how hard you throw it, it seems to want to stay at about 65 mph, and some random times it will go to like 95 mph. It also appeared to only be fastballs. O well only watched for like 5 minutes sooo i guess thats not enough time to figure out a game.

once again thanks jenova
Lol, good video, I would rate your vid at youtube but I dont know what the link is.
-Who are you talking to?
-I am talking to myself.
-Because I have ADD.