I got nominated for prom king...

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ottoman said:
nice, the girl your with looks veryy nice lool. not to be rude or anything...

But you should have used that oppurtunity to "talk" to her...
Haha we are friends though. She is really cool and if I had to pick somebody to walk with if height wasn't an issue it would have been her. She has a great personalty.
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tank said:
Ha, my Prom was awesome last year. I went with my ex-girlfriend. She started being really bitchy so I left and played poker in the other ballroom with the girl that I actually liked at the time on my lap. Yes we have poker at our proms. You start the night with a ticket worth 1000 chips. You can play hold'em, Blackjack, or roulette . And at the end of the night every 100 chips you have gets you one ticket to a Chinese raffle. I ended the night with 10k in chips. I won 40 bucks worth of Starbucks gift cards, and 30 dollar in Sheetz gifcards.

Poker and hot girl all night = good enough for me.
Ya I love that. They gave us a bunch of fake bills and we got to gamble after the hypnotist. My favorite game was craps lol.
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Trulen said:
Waha. This year one of my friends won Prom king, and another gal won prom queen.

Funny thing is, they weren't your cheerleader/football couple. Which was funny. They were in band, and totally didn't see it coming.

Har har. Maybe I should hint at prom king.

Looks like you had an awesome time. But the afterparties are best. The non-alcoholic ones, anyways ;P
I think prom is meant for the nice guys to win. The nominees for homecoming were the very popular kids in the school but for prom it was a bunch of people you like. The girl that won isn't overly popular but she's pretty nice and the guy that won isn't popular at all but doesn't have one enemy.

Edit: Sorry for the quadruple post.