I know this should be in 'news' but...


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Sep 5, 2006
I can't seem to able to post a topic there. So anyway, this made me quite happy, and is fantastic news for Nintendo in Europe:


Notice the poll results too

This piece of news now means that the Wii will be the top selling product in the UK this Christmas. The hype has gone down slightly for 360, and with PS3 now delayed, it puts Wii in the driving seat. My honest opinion is that we are looking at a console that will achieve even better results (especially at launch) than the N64 did.

I think that it's no longer a case of challenging for second place - Nintendo are now challenging for first spot.
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Lol, it seems that Sovieto's already got a thread for everything:lol: Anyways, there really was no contest for 2nd place, it was always who's gonna be in 1st, the Wii or 360. I think that the PS3 is no contest for either system.