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Feb 24, 2009
Nothern California
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i have 1200 wii points not enough for world of goo i want it real bad Can you gift it to me i'll gift you whatever 1200 or less or multiple cheap as long as it adds up to 1200 so please Help me out in a real bind here
so you come here begging for someone to gift you world of goo, in exchange you'll give them up to 1200pts in programs. noone responds.
you then call the same people you were begging from cheap b/c they didnt want to give a complete stranger a $15 game with no guarantee of returns. You are so needy that you absolutely could not wait until you could afford what you wanted. you are the cheap one.


wiispace doesnt allow people to beg either, and their members will call you a dumbass just the same as here. plus i havent seen anyone posting looking for someone asking goo to be gifted. unless of course you're lying. wheres the thread in which someone helped you?

or youre spamming for another successful forum that doesnt need rogue members to be spamming for them.
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