Banjo Tooie Release Date Confirmed!!!!


40lb box of rape
Dec 8, 2007
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It's finally here!
I've been waiting for this ever since BK came out last november on arcade, now it's finally here so banjo fans can complete their collection. The game will be released on XBLA on April 29th for 1200 MS points.
Hopefully the "fully featured stop 'n' swoppery" will be a good, usable feature, and not just an afterthought.
I'll have to pick up a 1600 points card so I can buy this along with the BK:NAB add on that was released two weeks ago (400 points).

oh, i;m so ahppy for you! :p
really, you're the biggest fan ever. i wish i had a new wii.. :)
I wish I had a 360 just for the ole purpose of playing this game. I had and still have both original games for the Nintendo 64 and still play them sometimes. They were by far my favorite N 64 games
I've actually NEVER picked up a BK game, nor have I ever played one. I might grab Nuts & Bolts to start it off and return to the classics through arcade.