i0n in PS3?


Aug 6, 2006
meh not trying to flame but theres 3 links at the way bottom, Nintendo Wii, Joystiq, and PS3 forums.. Are you an admin of another forum for that hunk of hardware called the ps3?!?! i hope not! but if you do..props for keeping it all up, and are you a writer for joystiq.com?
the ps3 admin types perfect liek you do and the forum is set up the exact same way almost....

lol i found this funny
great First Party Games such as Final Fantasy 13 by Square Enix, Metal Gear Solid 4
for PS since theres no first party games, do they consider thoes first party devs?

for the most part, i dig it if your in for the money, and vengeance is awesome, i really wanna get my hands on that game, but anyways, its not flame, just hard to intake the fact that you dedicate so much time to a wii forum, and well, it seems like your a diehard nintendo fan!
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below Quick Reply, and below Forum Jump, theres a white bar, in the white bar it says Links: Nintendo Wii | Joystiq | PS3 Forums

the writing is all perfect, i seriously think i0n is a the admin!!
Sorry to be noobish, but where is that Forum Jump?

EDIT: Oh yeah, now I can see it... why is there a PS3 link?
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down and right of the quick reply, look on quick reply, where it says Go Advanced, then diagonal right down to that is forum jump, then below that is the white bar
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^-- that makes thing simpler, thats the website

*sorry for the double post
-Future Me
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Yeah i0n, why is there a PS3 Forum link? and it's the same as wiichat.com instead that it says ps3chat.com, nice find i0n.
who cares if he's on a PS3 forum? It's no big deal, we aren't fighting a war.

That said, I don't think he's the admin.
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hes def. the admin its the same writing style and forum setup!
Cool, it's like bizarro wiichat complete with bizarro Sovieto. Anyone else notice that PS3chat dosn't link to wiichat :(

Oh, and xbox chat your not going to accuse iOn of that are you :)
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