I'm David

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Jul 4, 2006
Hey everyone,
I'm David....I ran into this site on google! Nice ranking!

anyways, I run a site called wiisource.com! but it looks like I have a long ways to go before I get as much users as here!

heh....anyways....great site! keep up the good work!
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Welcome to the forum and I hope you enjoy in this forum like you have just said.
R staying and posting on these forums or r u just gonna advertise??
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ssbb_lover said:
R staying and posting on these forums or r u just gonna advertise??

just to advertise! HAHA....jk....

actually...I feel us Nintendo sites have to stick together....I respect everyone who has the time to build out these sites. They are tough work
I agree, i0n and phimuajedi69 have done a great job here as well as i'm sure u will.
Lol, even the dead(slipknot included)say hi, ur a very lucky man David:lol:
Nice to have you here, David/WiiSource/advertiser extraordinaire!

jk on the advertiser part, but good luck with your own forum and hope you enjoy this one.:)
we need as many nintendo sites as possible, i want nintendo to always be running so that mario will never die!!! anyway, welcome and good luck with your forum. its kinda weird, i would have never expected nintendo 2 still be around, especially since its 100 years old. but its not only surviving, its on top!!
AMEN. As many sites as possible to keep all of "them" alive, Mario, Link, Kirby etc.
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