5m00th m00v3s!
Jul 28, 2006
So basically, the Wii is the most innovative thing to happen to video games EVER. And the possibilities are practically endless with what you can do with the Wiimote. So in this here thread, you people at home get to write down your own ideas for a game. Its not as much making up a game as it is making up a function for the wiimote. SInce this is PROBABLY unclear, I'll give an example.

You can now plunge a toilet with a plunger!

Remember, what you say could be ANYTHING thats possible with the Wii. Also, don't do anything obvious, such as "You can hold and shoot a gun! HYUCK!" So yeah.

Have Fun!

OO! I have a good one!

You can torture president bush with a taser! that would be amazing! WOW!
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Play nights with it (the sonic team game)
They should make a game where you sit on a couch with your wiimote and play a game where you chracacter sits on a couch and uses the remote to change the channel. The wiimote would act as the remote and the A button would change the channel. You could call it, "Extreme virtual reality: the life of a couch potato"

that would sell soooo much, i know it would .... i know...
A great game like... Fairy god parents jaja...!!! Imagine u making the whishes to Timmy using the wii-mote jaja
I just rememberd i got a picy of samus enjoying the rumble function of the wii remote
I know thats why i didnt post it
even if it does look good