Haku Gaming 07/22/06


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Jul 2, 2006
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Hey everyone, Lord Haku is on a ninja mission right now so I will be filling in for him by posting this week's edition of Haku Gaming.

Project H.A.M.M.E.R. It's been described as just a promotional game for the wii's new motion sensitive controller, but it looks as if it has the makings of a great new title for nintendo. Project is an action/adventure game where u'r a freakishly huge cyborg w/ a bad mama-jamma hammer that crushes the memory chips of enemy robots. The first lvl is a run down "war-torn" city with clumps of reletively easy bots attacking, which is good considering u'll need all the time u can get to practice w/ the wiimote before getting good enough to play the whole game.

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. The first person(woman)shooting game everyone knows and loves is coming back for it's 2rd time round on the wii. This should be the most spectacular one yet since it's graphics will be better and the innovative use of the wiimote will give it that extra edge that makes it very appealing. U line up u'r target and of course shoot using the wiimote as u possibly strafe and turn w/ the nunchuk. It will have the usual monstrous creatures and space pirates, but the game will have a much bigger space, just like Twilight Princess.

Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Speaking of the new LoZ game, TP is expected to be the greatest game in the series yet, which is serious business since it's competing w/ OoT. It's going to have much better graphics, that going w/out saying, a much bigger Hyrule, a new ally by ur side, new creatures and new features.
Starting w/ ur new ally, Midna, she is a weird little fairy type creature that rides on ur back when u go into the twilight realm and turn into a wolf. She helps fight ur battles in ur vital quest to save Zelda and will probably, like all the other fairies, give u advice and whatnot.
The new creatures in the game look awsome. There's new creatures that look like they have technology built into them, possibly new creations of malek. In the pics they r only seen within the twilight realm. There's also the new monsters that ride on other monsters(talked about in the next paragraph), goblin archers, etc. Then the old creatures such as the skulltullas and man-eating plants r back in the game w/ new looks. For more looks at these new and old fiends go to the twilight gallery.
One of the best new features in the games is going to be kicking enemy butt while on horse-back, it looks great since u can ride on the comfort of u'r own horse while slaying down those on the ground. Then there's enemies that r also on....monster-back. It'll be awsome to fight while going 50mph against others who r going 50mph. Another fun thing will be fishing, this takes full advantage of the motion sensitive wiimote and nunchuk. By flicking the wiimote u cast ur line out and by moving the nunchuk in a reeling motion u reel it in. The wiimote will also be great for the new targeting controls for ur bow. U point to where ur shooting w/ the wiimote, pull back the bow and shoot. Very fun.

Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors. Not much is known about this mysterious launch title for the wii except that it is going to be a promisng RPG and have anime looking graphics. It will be like any good medieval RPG and have spellcasting and weapons, character customization(most likely), and maybe even weapon customization. This looks like a promising game, another thing that helps is that this same company is making the sequel to Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles which may cause it to get an easy fanbase for those who like that series.

Devoted to Lord Haku on his quest, we hope he returns...w/ all his limbs attached.