Is sega trying to make wii hardcore?


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Nov 11, 2007
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From the games Id played recently, I notice that sega is trying to put more hardcore games for the wii. They started out with the house of the dead 2 & 3 return (witch was ok since I love that arcade series). Then madworld (not that good). House of the dead overkill ( made a pretty good arcade shooting games hit especailly with the gun shop!). And finally the conduit (probably the wiis best first person shooter garented).

As u can see, sega is trying to make the wii drift away from (family fun) and go towards (hardcore).

If they make a conduit two and have online capaion and can use veicles, and a hope to comunicate publicly (witch they won't) then sega has done it. What do u guys think
The only time when hardcore matters is when its porn.
But even then it still has t be good.
I hope Sega and Nintendo both continue to work together and Sega Support them and others.

People forget that once there was only these two companies with consoles in most homes not including the rare consoles that no one could afford,

And then Sony Dived in and then later Microsoft,and since the market had been flooded with some pretty poor Gaming ,
Mainly because companies want to make the most money by making games Multiplatform.
Pc games are being butchered to make them easier and console friendly as a result, excluding a few,Consoles want to be Pc's now instead of plug and play fun machines.

Back to the topic though,the only sunlight left for me is Nintendo and Sega making/Supporting games with creativity,imagination and full of magic.

Long may they continue........

Absolutely My Opinion No One Elses.
Not really, they're just aiming at a specific market within the Wii fanbase, to get some monaiz and build their name up again after killing that one hedgehog and dragging his name into dirt.

Edit: Didn't SEGA only make House of the dead? As far as I know they only published Madworld and The Conduit.
I heavy support Sega and others developers that try to break the vicious cycle and push more hardcore franchises on the Wii.

I purchase all their hardcore games, those games are good but need more improvement. I hope they improve in future releases if we continue to support them.
If you want the Wii finnaly converted to a hardcore console, support these upcoming games:

The Grinder
The next Virtua Tennis
Vahalla Knights
RE: Darkside Chronicles
Dead Space: Extraction
Silent Hill: Shatered Memories
Cursed Montain
Ju-Oh: The Grugde
The Calling
Monster Hunter 3
Red Stell 2
The next Call of Duty
UFC: 2010
Dirt 2
Smack Down vs Raw: 2010
Sky Crawlers
Metroid: Mother M

And others high quality titles coming for the Wii, leave those shovelware, casual and minigames with poor quality apart. Again only buy quality Wii games.