it's set!?!

Jun 5, 2006
oops... forgot
Wii Online Code
in this Norwegian site (sorry) where i'm ordering my wii, it says that the wii will defently come out the 1 of september. true? look here:

it says: nintendo wii venteliste-les beskrivelse! slippes fredag 01 september, 2006. forhåndsbestill din kopi allerede i dag!

it meends: nintendo wii's waiting list-read explination! in sale friday 01 september, 2006. pre-order your copy allready today!

in the other Norwegian sites where i can pre'order my wii it says with the relese day ( may be changed ) so ovbius they have'nt got the same info as
That seems strange seeing how Nintendo said we'll know everything sometime during September. therefore leaving out a september releas.Hopefully October.
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the wii is in production. and it's a lot faster to make than the 360( i think)
so, the 360 got finished with the production after 69 days. nintendo will have to do it as fast ore faster t oget a september release day
I dont think that the wii will be released in september. seems highly unlikely.

Besides, I just found this article:

I don't know how reliable the source is, but at this point very little info in concrete, so it is just as good to me as half the other stuff floating around, including that Nintento will release some AO titles, I call BS. :lol:
Thst eems about right. The site Nintendowiigamming found must be a targeted date.
How is that possible? NEC said that they will be shipping some kind of chips for the Nintendo Wii in September so it can't be coming out on september 1st
I would be surprised to see it come out so early, I was expecting nov. 1st.

Nintendowiigaming, did u sketch that sig urself?
I was expecting november 8 something close to that. But with all the talk, I think it will be more like oct 21 or something. Either way it coming out on sept.1 is way to early, as to the company has said they will tell the price and date in september.
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sorry i'm trying to find more info about the date. i have actually send an e'mail to the site with the question. haven't got an ansver, yet.
I really don't think that your going to find an exact date. Nintendo is pretty good about keeping things secret so, good luck.
In regards to the first post, Its a marketing thing... They are lying to get people to order from them first. Its so simple. Just tell people you know when the release date is, you give them their money for the console, then they have a jump start on all the other places because they said they know the release date... lies! But smart...

- Scythe