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Jan 25, 2009
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As the title says, I've recently stumbled across an Action Replay code, which allows you to check the IVs of your pokemon. It's absolutely brilliant, I can't imagine how long it took to program. Basically, what the code does is modify the first 6 TMs/HMs in your TM pocket, showing your IVs from 1 to 6 in the order of HP/Attack/Defense/Sp. atk/Sp. def/Speed. Simply don't save after using it, and there's no reprocussions.

The code is entirely safe, and I belive it works for both Diamond and Pearl - no idea if it'l work for Platinum. I used it multiple times just a few minutes ago, to identify some shinnies' IVs (and I found some good results.. heheheh). Also - it works on eggs! :D It's perfect for the hardcore breeder, yeah?

If you're interested in the code, and especially more details, here's some linkage. Looks like lurking on other forums has it's advantages. ;D


Now, before some morons flame us for using an Action Replay, do you want to spend countless hours breeding eggs that have terrible natures, and when they have a good one, bad IVs? Do you want to wait ages for an egg to hatch, only to find out it's bad? Do you want to spend 3 hours leveling up a single pokemon, only to find out it doesn't work well on your team through bad battling experience?

Hacking, is bad. Cheating, when used below a certain degree, is good. It's not like it's giving us beefed up pokemon, it's just speeding up the process. If we don't want to spend countless hours to be a time wasting competitive battler, it's our choice, yeah? Also, just for the sake of it, I'm not calling out anyone who doesn't use an Action Replay. They effectively have my respect, for spending so much time on their pokes, even when it's not necesarry.

How is it that you have an AR, yet lack the IV Check code until now. That's quite the shocker to be honest.
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Because I'm uninformed. :p Never been to a competitive battling forum, or one that had a sub forum for it. I will admit, it's a pain in the ass without it. Atleast I have like 60 rare candies from over the years, which I used before this. >.>;