Ive been thinking about the release date....

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Aug 5, 2006
Australia, Perth
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Hey this is just a wild guess, but do u think that the wii might just get released ON September 14th? As in it will actually hit the shelves? Ive been thinking that alot lately cause everywhere there saying stuff like "Big surprises" and the official wii magazine i think is coming on the 14th aswel. Maybe they wil hand out wii's to those people at the conference..... Could my theory be true?
Nope, sorry not a chance, it can't be like Apple becuase Apple has stores all over, and if gamestop and all them at Wii's we would have seen and heard about them already, and there's not enough Nintendo World Stores or whatever they are becuase I haven't even heard of them till this forum. So no, sorry.
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