Jet Set Raio for the Wii


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Aug 2, 2006
Wouldn't it be awsome, if they had Jet Set Radio for the Wii? I was just playing the demo for the Dreamcast, and I gotta say, using the wiimote to make the spray paint can movements would be sick. The nunchuck could be used to move the player, A would make the player jump, and the trigger on the wiimote would enable the graffiti mode. Then you use the wiimote to act out the move ments as if you are spraypainting. 3 words. That. Would. Pwn.


Gosh, why hasn't anyone responed to this yet? Come on, there have to be a few others that have played JSRF!!!

I love that game on the xbox...although I still haven't finished it to be honest because the controls and level design weren't the best. I'd like to see it more stylized with a huge soundtrack that has the original songs aswell as remixed versions of them and some new stuff, like songs from bands like the Gorrilaz, Air, Moby, Theivery Corp., Zero 7, etc. A custom soundtracks option would be the best!

That control scheme would be amazing and maybe in boss battles, where are the cops are jumping on you, you could shake the nunchuk to get them off you, shove the nunchuk forward to get a speed boost, etc.

They could really make that game over and work out all the little bugs and it could become a must have. Good idea, Biohaz4rd!
LOVE THE GAME!!!! The Dreamcast version is better than the X-Box one, this game would totaly kick ass on the wii. I have heard there is gonna be a mario graffiti game, were you spray paint and you can here the spray from the wii remote...
Jet Set Radio!!

I used to play this game at my friends house!! I thought it was quite good...sometimes I even found it quite difficult :p

I doubt I would buy it for the Wii though :/
Sounds like a very good idea! :yesnod:

JSRF on the Xbox was great, so it'd be great to see a follow up on the Wii. I like the idea of spraying with the Wiimote and shaking it to shake off the cops. Perhaps you could even pull off tricks with it somehow? Anyway, great idea Biohaz4rd.
Wiired said:
I cant think of what it is tbh :confused: name rings a big bell though
Here's a video to refresh your memory.:smilewinkgrin:

A Wii version of this game would also be great because you could really make some nice custom graffiti with the Graffiti Maker because you could use the wiimote to draw things out. There was also multiplayer, which, strangly enough, I never played, but if it were on Wii, it could have free online multiplayer aswell as downloadable music and graffiti and characters and levels and everything.:lol: Also, it's really quite possible that a Wii version could be made because there was a version made for the GBA a while back. I sure as hell would like it, although maybe that's just because I still to this day haven't finished the game:blush2:
I completely forgot about the customisable grafitti! You're right, using the Wiimote to design it would be very cool. :cool:
I would suggest online tournaments, and the ability to create your own gang.