Using the Wiimote in sword games


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Jun 27, 2006
I wonder how well the Wiimote could be used for controlling a sword. Will certain hand movements trigger pre-set swing moves of the sword, like if there were 10 different moves and you direct the Wiimote in a certain way, one of them would be done on screen. Or will the sword move on the screen in any way you move the Wiimote with your arm, just as if you had a sword in real life and could pin-point any spot with the tip of the sword.

I certainly hope it is the latter because that could utilize peoples natural hand eye coordination rather than just button pressing ability. I guess this is the basis of Nintendo's ideas on changing the way video games are played.
wholdnt work for me (like real sword combat well bokken combat) its the impact of sword on sword it can not be made with a controller
and my moves arnt like most offter peoples
Do u think the action of swinging a sword will be activated if u swing the remote or just flick your wrist in that direction?
full swing ftw
<<<is a ronin (masterless samurai)(he dead)
Yea that's wut i was thinking to, plus if u actually had to swing the remote u might start to get tired...and u would actually have to take that 10min. brake after an hr.;) (I don't believe in video game brakes)
only the unfit i usealy practice for about an hour
Ya but some video gamers aren't very fit...I play tennis (alot) so I don't have to worry:D (not to brag!)
lol wimbildon started
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