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Sep 4, 2011
the [JMD] clan is currently looking for a few new clan members. We currently have 3 members and we would like to grow more and more. My gamertag is Joey [JMD], here is our current stats:
Me: Ranked level 56, 110th overall in the world i believe
My Win ratio is 9.81(I dont cheat)
My elimination ratio is 3.14
Favorite game modes: Team Conflict, Black Box

Manny [JMD] Ranked Level 56, ranked in the 30s or 40s in the world
Win ration is a 4.30 (he doesnt cheat)
his elimination ratio is above 2.5
Favorite Game Modes: Team Conflict, Black Box, Goldeneye

Marth [JMD] Ranked level 29
Win ratio is 5.00(he doesnt cheat either)
his elimination ration is 2.22
Favorite Game Modes: Team Conflict

Overall we are very very good players but being too small of a clan sometimes leaves us at a disadvantage and eventually makes us pair up with someone who doesnt know how to play and gets killed 20x a game. We play very tactical as if we were the players in the game that is how we've become a good trio. These are the players we are looking for.:

Must Be at least on Level 35
Must Have At least a Win ratio of 2.00
Must have an elimination ratio of 2.00
Must be willing to communicate often
Must never Rage Quit" we hate that, even if you lose just man up and look forward to the next game. Everyone always loses noones perfect."
No Noob Toobing unless you unlocked the grenade launcher on level 54
Must Be willing to put JMD on gamer tag

*If you are below lvl 35 and believe you are good enough to hang with agaionst good clans and want to try out anyways just email me and well go for a run.
*There are many small clans around, if you have a small clan and want to consider merging or being allied clans you can email me.
Anyone who wants to join or has any questions can email me directly. and then i will give you my FC

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